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MSD’s Energy Services Team can partner with your business to assess the way your facility consumes energy and develop a proactive plan to save your business money, protect the environment, increase sustainability, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting systems are the largest consumers of energy in most commercial buildings. Even small efficiency gains in these systems will result in significant operational cost savings for your business. Our three-tiered, client-centric approach consists of Targeted Modernization & Optimization, Energy Conservation Measure Implementation, and Customized Maintenance Programs to generate and maintain operational savings.

Targeted Modernization & Optimization (TM&O) includes identifying inefficient systems and equipment along with operational issues that cause high energy demand and wreak havoc on your maintenance and operational budgets. The system evaluation along with a thorough analysis of energy data and utility information, MSD will develop appropriate energy conservation measures (ECMs) to eliminate the waste.  We will create a high-level project scope, budgetary cost and calculate the return on investment (ROI) for each ECM generated. All prospective projects will be outlined and summarized in a report as to their bottom-line and environmental impact then reviewed with the stakeholders.

After selecting the Energy Conservation Measures that meet your financial thresholds, we will help you take the savings from the pages of a report to a reality. Your MSD Team will develop firm, fixed quotes for the engineering, design and installation of HVAC, Building Automation, Electrical and Lighting systems to deliver the promised operational savings. From initial concept through project completion, we will collaborate with you to ensure the project is brought in on-time and within budget. We will measure and verify the post-project energy savings results against the initial estimates presented in your TM&O report.

Proper planned maintenance is needed to sustain the savings achieved with the energy conservation projects. Left unchecked, normal use will cause systems to degrade over time. Operational requirements and ever changing business needs can also create situations where energy consumption climbs. MSD’s Customized Maintenance Programs include routine upkeep and evaluate system performance to help keep your facility performing at peak efficiency and extending the life of your investment. Our flexible programs are performed by highly skilled mechanical, electrical, and building automation system technicians to fit your needs and budget.

Approximately 30 percent of a facilities operating budget is spent on energy with HVAC and lighting systems account for the lion’s share of consumption. Increasing the efficiency of these systems reduces your utility spend, extends equipment life, and increases your net profits. Through meticulous evaluation of your facility’s systems, equipment, operations, and energy use data MSD will help you determine the best solution to improve your bottom line. With our Energy Services team, you’ll have a partner that cares about your business and delivers results.

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