Celebrating 40 Years of Client-First Excellence

Established in 1984, MSD Inc. has been your trusted partner for 40 incredible years. We started as a family business, and today we’ve evolved into a single-source solution provider for your facility needs. Our focus? Your satisfaction. Whether it’s through our services or long-lasting relationships, we put your facility’s success at the forefront of what we do.

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Meet the Team Behind OUR Success

Our team brings decades of combined experience to serve you and your business. MSD has assembled a panel of experts for each service line we offer. Contact us and tell us how MSD can help your business run at its best.

Executive Leadership

John Stewart


Nick Davis

VP- Business Development

Brad Bradley

VP- Operations

Jackie Tangeman

VP- Human Resources

Brandi Dickey


Lee Kawsky

Director of Service

Operational Leadership

Mike Workman

Business Development Manager

Chris Abell

Cincinnati General Manager

Phil Smith

Safety Manager/Recruiter

Mark Denlinger

Construction Operations Manager

Andrew Coors

Director of Pre-Construction

Don Barry Jr.

Technologies Operations Manager

Eric Culter

Manufacturing Operations Manager


Make a Positive Impact and Drive Positive Outcomes!

Our driving force is a simple yet powerful purpose: make a positive impact. We exist to help you make informed decisions, keeping your facility efficient, comfortable, and sustainable.

Our Niche & Workplace Values

Our Niche: Helping clients make informed decisions through relationship-based consulting. Our Values: 

The MSD Client Centric Way

By integrating these core tenets into our service model, we empower people and organizations to achieve extraordinary results, cementing a client-centric approach that sets us apart. Welcome to The MSD Client-Centric Way—where you’re not just a client; you’re a valued partner.

At MSD, we’re not just about providing a service; we’re about crafting an experience that places you, our client, at the center of everything we do. Our philosophy, ‘The MSD Client-Centric Way,’ is a multi-faceted approach that revolves around four core tenets: Secure, Maintain, Support, and Retain.

Our first step is to secure
lasting connections built on trust.
From our initial engagement, we strive to understand your unique challenges and objectives, creating a strong foundation
for a long-term relationship.
We maintain exceptional standards
in every project we undertake. Our
team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that adhere to industry best practices, ensuring that you receive the
most effective and reliable services.
Our aim is to support both your short-term
and long-term goals. Whether you're
looking to solve immediate challenges or plan for future growth, we tailor our offerings to align with your objectives, thereby enabling
you to achieve extraordinary results.
Our job doesn't end with the successful completion of a project. We focus on
retaining strong relationships by
consistently surpassing expectations. We stay connected, offer ongoing support, and
continue to deliver value,
ensuring that you always have
a trusted partner in us.

Building Staffs

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Where We Operate

2866 E Kemper Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45241

104 W Main St

Tipp City, OH 45371

Columbus, Ohio

While we do not currently have a physical office in Columbus, our services are extensively available in the area. We are eager to collaborate with you.

4401 Springfield St

Dayton, OH 45431

Columbus, Ohio

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Tipp City, Ohio

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Dayton, Ohio

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At MSD Inc., “Safety Always” is more than a motto—it’s a commitment that defines how we operate, every day, in every aspect of our work. Safety isn’t a box to check; it’s woven into the fabric of our culture. We believe that providing quality service is intrinsically tied to maintaining the highest safety standards. Our approach to safety starts from the top-down, with ownership setting a clear precedent for safety above all else. This means that every team member is trained rigorously and regularly in the latest safety protocols. We invest in cutting-edge safety equipment and continuous training.


Our dedication to safety has earned us numerous accolades, affirming our commitment to a secure and injury-free environment. These awards include Dayton Builders Exchange Platinum Level Safety Awards and the ABC STEP Gold Award, among others. 


ABC STEP Platinum Award


Dayton Builders Exchange Platinum Level Safety Award


Auman Award for Excellence in Safety – Platinum Level, Dayton Chamber of Commerce – Dayton/Miami Valley Safety Council


ABC STEP Gold Award


Dayton Builders Exchange Platinum Level Safety Award


ABC STEP Silver Award


ABC STEP Platinum Award


Dayton Builders Exchange Gold Level Safety Award


ABC STEP Platinum Award


Dayton Builders Exchange Platinum Level Safety Award


America OSHA Education Center Safety Employer of the Year


Ohio BWC- 25% Reduction in Incident Rate


Dayton Builders Exchange Gold Level Safety Award


You can rest assured that partnering with MSD means your facility will be maintained and serviced by a team that values safety as a core principle. Our strong safety record not only means fewer interruptions to your operations but also more efficient and effective service delivery.


Give to Grow - Making an Impact Together

At MSD Inc., we take our role in the community seriously. Our “Give to Grow” commitment isn’t an afterthought—it’s a key part of our corporate identity.

Impact Initiatives

In our mission to "Give to Grow," we proactively seek out and support causes that resonate with our values. Our involvement ranges from donating meals to vulnerable communities to actively participating in charitable events. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute meaningfully and make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Employee Engagement

At MSD, Inc., community involvement transcends corporate responsibility—it's a personal commitment shared by our team. Our employees are the driving force behind our "Give to Grow" program, enthusiastically contributing their time and energy to community projects. This engagement is more than just volunteerism; it's a core component of our team-building efforts and a testament to our vibrant corporate culture.

Community Partnerships

True to our "Giving to Grow" philosophy, we forge strong partnerships with local organizations, schools, and groups to amplify our impact. These collaborations are vital, enabling us to unite strengths and resources to achieve shared goals. We're constantly on the lookout for new partnerships that align with our commitment to community betterment, believing that together, we can accomplish more.

Success Stories

Our participation in initiatives like the annual food drive and events such as the Polar Plunge showcases the profound impact of our "Give to Grow" program. These success stories are a source of pride and motivation for our team, illustrating how collective action can not only improve lives but also enrich our sense of community. Through "Giving to Grow," we're not just aiding others; we're nurturing a culture of compassion and connectivity that benefits everyone involved.

WPAFB Sensors Lab

Wright-Patt Air Force Base sought contractors to renovate and add onto the Sensors Lab. The HVAC portion of the project was over $13 million.

  • MSD served as the Design Assist Contractor in conjunction with Heapy Engineering for this project. In collaborating with General Contractor, Butt Construction, MSD provided Design Assist solutions for the following:
    • A large, anechoic chamber
    • An outdoor range
    • Multiple, Class-100 clean rooms
    • A three-story office building addition with DCID 6-9 requirements on many of the rooms

WPAFB Chilled Water System

The chilled water system at a high-security building on the Air Force Base was undersized and unable to keep up with demand. The facility could not operate without chilled water due to the amount of information servers in the building, and the general nature of the building itself. The entire upgrade project would need to be completed with minimal shut down time at the building. HVAC portion of this project was over $3 million.

  • MSD worked in collaboration with Diaz Construction to complete the system upgrades on time and on budget with minimal shutdowns or disruption to the facility operations.

LJB, Inc.

LJB, Inc. was renovating their Miamisburg, OH office and wanted to incorporate energy-saving upgrades.

  • MSD provided Design Build services in tandem with Greensleeves Energy Solutions, a specialist in geothermal systems.
  • MSD and Greensleeves installed a new geothermal HVAC system with open and closed loops. In addition, MSD design and installed the plumbing portion of the renovation.