If you are looking for a career, enhancing your learning or skill set, or to be a part of an organization that can help you reach your current or future personal and professional goals MSD may be just what you are looking for to help you achieve success. MSD may be able to provide you with the tools and pathway to achieving your personal best. We believe in our team members and believe in their dreams. At MSD we help you develop the platform to exceed your goals, build our communities for a better today and tomorrow. In addition, we believe our team has the knowledge and experience to help you make a difference in what you do personally and professionally to achieve your vision of the future.

At MSD, we look for individuals who are interested in being part of a team. We hire highly skilled tradesman, support staff, and professionals who design, install, and service mechanical systems of all complexities in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas. Also, we look for individuals that are excited to build a career in an industry that is growing by providing training and Apprenticeship programs.

Mission: Deliver 100% Client satisfaction providing facility comfort & sustainability.

Our Vision: Industry leading provider of facility comfort & sustainability.

Our Purpose: Live to Serve

Our Core Values:

  • Transparency: Open Communication
  • Relentless: Find A Way
  • Expertise: Trained & Specialized
  • Enjoyment: Have Fun

Providing our team members with an opportunity to have a meaningful and rewarding career is important to the health of our organization.

Our client centric model is based on securing, maintaining, supporting, and retaining our client relationships. We will actively listen, communicate, and deliver our promises. We provide a phenomenal service with a ‘live it, breath it’ mindset exceeding client expectations.

Our ‘give to grow’ commitment supports ongoing improvements and social interactions that promote valuable relationships and a deeper sense of belonging to our communities.

Our ideal team member is:

  • Team Focused
  • Service Oriented
  • Passionate In What They Do
  • Dedicated

We recognize the value of our team members, the heart of our organization, by providing competitive salaries, benefits, and arranging events for our team members. As part of our growth culture, MSD needs more high-caliber people to join our expanding teams within the organization. We are looking for an ambitious, driven, relationship-focused individual to become part of our team.


MSD offers many benefits for our team members to enjoy.

  • Career Growth Opportunities
  • Continuing Education
  • Skills Training through Apprenticeship Programs
  • Community Service Opportunities – Give to Grow
  • PTO
  • 401(k) Program/Profit Sharing
  • Health/Dental/Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Appeal/Uniform Program

Employee Testimonials:

“MSD embraces diversity and is open to growth opportunities. They value teamwork and promote communication so much. They listen to employee feedback and that matters to me. I am encouraged to improve my processes and evaluate tasks and procedures. As well as helping others with improving their efficiency and job knowledge. MSD cares about its employees. The management uses different protocols and methods that are engaging to all of us. I enjoy the people and culture at MSD. It’s a pleasure working here.” – Johnathan B.

“As a 30+ year team member, I have been given the opportunity to do so many things with the company. I began the journey as a service technician and as the company grew so did the opportunities to grow with it. Over this time I have done everything from field support to management to operations and now business development. MSD has always first looked within the company to fill growth roles before exploring outside. If it wasn’t for this type of leadership, I’m not sure I could have accomplished so much within one company. Each day is a blessing to work side by side with such great teammates. ”  – Michael W.

Explore your future with us. Learn, grow, advance with our team. We are looking forward to welcoming you very soon! Contact us to learn about opportunities that may be right for you.

MSD is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment based on race, age, sex, religion, national origin, LGBTQ+, or any other protected status.  Women, minorities, and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  Reasonable accommodation may be made for individuals with disabilities that permit performance of essential position functions.