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Victory Project

By March 12, 2020blog

The Victory Project specializes in mentoring court-involved, disadvantaged young men in Montgomery Country. Their mission is to empower young men to discover the life God intended by mastering self-awareness, self-sufficiency, and selfless service, building an uncommon alliance with uncommon youth for uncommon results. Since 2007, they have sought to undo the isolating experiences of poverty and fatherlessness in young men’s lives and expose them to the potential of a positive socioeconomic standing through their 3 E emphases: education, entrepreneurship, and enlightenment. Also since 2009, VP has remained open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, year-round, only closing on Christmas Day. Their philosophy Is “the streets never close so VP should be the alternative.”

VP also has created a micro business called Victory Improvement Projects, which provides the young men with the knowledge to not only learn the value of labor but to also help manage this unique and growing business. The young men must attend all weekly activities and tasks to be able to qualify for work at the end of every week.

There are many ways to pay it forward to children who can be impacted, be it through tutoring or donations or providing meals. MSD is very eager to continue supporting and volunteering at this great organization, currently we are preparing meals quarterly for all of the young men and the workers/volunteers at the facility. While there, we were able to see what their day to day lifestyles are at VP, and how grateful each and every student is to have volunteers take time out of their daily lives to help make an impact in theirs.