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VDC in 2020 – MSD, Inc.

VDC in 2020

By December 18, 2020blog

2020 was an exciting and challenging year for the VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) team at MSD, Inc. Schedules became complicated as one of our main coordinating jobs shut down and others saw delays and scheduling changes. On top of that, due to the pandemic, we moved our team from the office to a virtual setup with team members setting up offices and working from home. But, in spite of the many challenges, 2020 was one of the best years ever for the VDC team. Three new exceptional members were added to the team: A VDC/Engineering intern, a VDC Designer and a VDC Engineer. All three brought with them great skill sets and potential and have already made a positive impact upon the department. Also, in 2020, the department took on their biggest coordinating project in the history of MSD, the new campus at Miami Valley Career Technology Center. Starting a month before the change to a virtual work setting, the team has responded to every challenge that the project has dealt them. The coordination process started after the project construction was well underway, but the team responded with professionalism and determination and currently are well ahead of the construction schedule.

Now with a VDC team of seven experienced and skilled individuals, the team will be looking to 2021 with high expectations. The team will be tackling several large initiatives that will revolutionize the department and have a positive impact on MSD as a whole. The costly SysQue Revit add-on will be phased out as the team transitions to using Revit fabrication parts along with an MSD specific database that the team will be creating. A new Quality Control (QC) process will be implemented in the department to help provide even more accurate drawings and information to the prefabrication department and the field installation crews. An intradepartmental training program was kicked off in 2020 using ProductivityNOW which will continue in 2021. A new venture in the coming year is the VDC Department being marketed as a standalone resource for other contractors, engineers, and consultants. The VDC department will be marketing its capabilities in 3D model evaluation, creation, and coordination. Also, 2D drawing creation, 3D laser scanning, along with HVAC and plumbing design services.

The VDC department has seen many great improvements over the last year but continues to strive to improve and excel in all possible area. With the great team that has been assembled, the sky truly is the limit for this very essential department at MSD.

Chris Gimpel

88th Med
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