The Impact of Cooking Grease on Sewer Systems and Best Practices for Disposal

In our kitchens, whether at home or in the bustling environment of a restaurant, cooking grease is an inevitable byproduct. While it may seem harmless and convenient to dispose of it down the drain, this practice can lead to significant challenges for our sewer systems, homes, and city infrastructure. At MSD, Inc., we’re committed to providing insights and solutions for maintaining healthy sewer systems and, by extension, a healthier community. Today, we’re diving into the reasons why pouring cooking grease down the drain is a harmful practice and what steps you can take to avoid these issues.

The Consequences of Grease in the Sewer Systems
Cooking grease does not simply wash away when it’s poured down the drain. Instead, it cools, solidifies, and begins to accumulate. This isn’t just a problem for individual households but can escalate into a broader issue affecting main sewer lines across the city. Over time, grease build-up can lead to blockages, causing backups and even flooding. Such situations are not only inconvenient but can also become health hazards, attracting pests and emitting unpleasant odors.

Why Disposal Matters
For households, the solution starts with a small but crucial step: cooling the grease down and discarding it in the trash. It might seem like a minor action, but its impact on the efficiency and health of our sewer systems is profound.

Restaurants and food-related businesses face even greater challenges due to the volume of grease they produce. It’s essential for these establishments to not only follow best practices for grease disposal but to also invest in grease traps. These devices need to be installed and regularly maintained to capture grease, preventing it from entering the sewer system. This not only helps in keeping the sewers clear but also in maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations.

How MSD, Inc. Can Help
Encountering a sanitary backup can be distressing, but TEAM MSD is always ready to assist. We offer comprehensive draining cleaning services designed to tackle debris and grease build-up, ensuring your sanitary and stormwater mains are functioning optimally. Our team is equipped to address the unique challenges faced by both residential and commercial properties.

For those unexpected emergencies or routine maintenance, MSD, Inc. is your go-to resource. Our experienced team members are just a call away, ready to provide the assistance you need to keep your plumbing and sewer systems in top condition.

The disposal of cooking grease might seem like a trivial part of kitchen cleanup, but its impact on our sewer systems is significant. By taking the right steps to dispose of grease responsibly, we can avoid the myriad problems it causes. Let’s work together to protect our homes, our cities, and our environment. Reach out to MSD, Inc. today for all your service plumbing needs, and let us help you maintain a clean and efficient sewer system.

For more information or to schedule a service, contact us at MSD, Inc. Together, we can make a difference, one drain at a time.



WPAFB Sensors Lab

Wright-Patt Air Force Base sought contractors to renovate and add onto the Sensors Lab. The HVAC portion of the project was over $13 million.

  • MSD served as the Design Assist Contractor in conjunction with Heapy Engineering for this project. In collaborating with General Contractor, Butt Construction, MSD provided Design Assist solutions for the following:
    • A large, anechoic chamber
    • An outdoor range
    • Multiple, Class-100 clean rooms
    • A three-story office building addition with DCID 6-9 requirements on many of the rooms

WPAFB Chilled Water System

The chilled water system at a high-security building on the Air Force Base was undersized and unable to keep up with demand. The facility could not operate without chilled water due to the amount of information servers in the building, and the general nature of the building itself. The entire upgrade project would need to be completed with minimal shut down time at the building. HVAC portion of this project was over $3 million.

  • MSD worked in collaboration with Diaz Construction to complete the system upgrades on time and on budget with minimal shutdowns or disruption to the facility operations.

LJB, Inc.

LJB, Inc. was renovating their Miamisburg, OH office and wanted to incorporate energy-saving upgrades.

  • MSD provided Design Build services in tandem with Greensleeves Energy Solutions, a specialist in geothermal systems.
  • MSD and Greensleeves installed a new geothermal HVAC system with open and closed loops. In addition, MSD design and installed the plumbing portion of the renovation.