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How MSD, Inc Energy Audits Can Help Your Facility Save Money – MSD, Inc.

How MSD, Inc Energy Audits Can Help Your Facility Save Money

By October 11, 2023blog

Winter is right around the corner, and with cooler weather comes the prospect of rising energy costs. But what if you could keep those costs in check, or even reduce them? It’s not a pipe dream; it’s a possibility when you partner with MSD, Inc.’s Energy Services Team.

Why Should You Care About Energy Audits?

Approximately 30% of a facility’s operating budget is spent on energy, and guess what? The lion’s share of that consumption is devoured by HVAC and lighting systems. So, whether you’re the owner of a manufacturing plant or the manager of a commercial office building, taking control of your energy usage is a surefire way to improve your bottom line.

A Three-Tiered, Client-Centric Approach

Our team at MSD uses a three-tiered, client-centric approach that focuses on Targeted Modernization & Optimization (TM&O), Energy Conservation Measure Implementation, and Customized Maintenance Programs.

Targeted Modernization & Optimization (TM&O)

The first step is identifying those energy-guzzling systems that are draining your operational and maintenance budgets. After conducting a detailed evaluation of your facility’s systems and energy usage data, we outline appropriate Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) tailored to eliminate waste. And guess what? We don’t just stop at identifying the problems; we take it a step further by providing a high-level project scope, estimated budget, and even the ROI for each ECM proposed.

Energy Conservation Measure Implementation

Once you’ve selected the ECMs that align with your budget and goals, it’s time to turn those plans into reality. Our team will provide firm, fixed quotes for the engineering, design, and installation of HVAC, Building Automation, Electrical, and Lighting systems. We work hand-in-hand with you from concept through completion to ensure the project is delivered on-time and within budget.

Customized Maintenance Programs

The savings don’t just stop after the initial project; they continue with proper planned maintenance. Without it, normal wear and tear will degrade your systems over time. That’s where our Customized Maintenance Programs come in. Designed to fit your specific needs and budget, our flexible programs will keep your facility operating at peak efficiency, extending the life of your investment.

It’s More Than Just Savings

While the financial benefits are undeniable, there’s more to it than that. Reducing your facility’s energy consumption doesn’t just save you money; it also helps protect the environment and reduces your company’s carbon footprint. Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a business imperative in today’s world.

Take The First Step Today

Are you ready to unlock the energy-saving potential of your facility? Contact the MSD Energy Services Team today for a free initial consultation. Let’s start a conversation about how we can help you save money and make a positive environmental impact.

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Don’t let another winter pass by without maximizing your energy efficiency and savings. Partner with MSD and experience the difference today!