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MSD Inc. delivers bespoke Design-Build Services, merging advanced MEP solutions into your building projects for optimal comfort, efficiency, and productivity. Our expert team leverages BIM for precise design and coordination, ensuring every system from HVAC to plumbing and electrical is integrated seamlessly for energy efficiency and operational excellence. With a focus on innovative, sustainable solutions tailored to your project’s unique requirements, MSD Inc. is committed to transforming your vision into reality with precision, quality, and efficiency.

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Before construction even begins, MSD's Pre-Construction Services lay the groundwork for success. Our expert team engages in meticulous planning, leveraging our Design-Build expertise to ensure every aspect of your project, from mechanical and electrical to HVAC and plumbing, is optimized for efficiency and sustainability. This strategic phase is crucial for aligning with your operational needs and goals, setting the stage for a streamlined construction process designed to minimize downtime and maximize performance.


MSD Inc. specializes in comprehensive engineering services, focusing on creating energy-efficient, productive spaces through advanced mechanical systems integration. Leveraging in-house licensed professional engineers, MSD offers custom solutions from design to installation, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, all tailored to meet unique facility needs. Utilizing BIM technology for precise modeling and coordination, MSD ensures optimal system selection and energy efficiency. Whether it's new installations, retrofits, or specialized systems like VRF and geothermal, MSD is dedicated to sustainable, efficient solutions for every project.

VDC Coordination

MSD's VDC Coordination streamlines construction with precise 3D and 4D BIM models, ensuring perfect integration of mechanical systems into architectural designs. By facilitating seamless manufacturing and installation processes, our advanced modeling techniques optimize project efficiency and accuracy, transforming complex visions into functional realities efficiently.


MSD's fabrication team enhances project efficiency by delivering top-quality pre-assembled mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC components. Using advanced software and technology, the team ensures precise fabrication with minimal waste and optimized safety. This approach accelerates on-site installation, maintaining high quality and meeting accelerated schedule demands efficiently.


MSD Inc. specializes in precision custom sheet metal manufacturing, streamlining projects with our advanced manufacturing processes for ductwork and fittings. Our capabilities ensure top-quality, SMACNA-standard products with efficient, safe, and waste-reducing practices. Offering a variety of materials and customizable options, we're committed to fitting our clients' specific needs with fast, reliable service.


MSD Inc.'s Installation Services offer streamlined execution of mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC systems installations, complementing our design-build and fabrication solutions. Our expert teams ensure efficient, high-quality installations that meet industry standards and client expectations, focusing on project success with minimal operational disruption.

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We’re committed to delivering unparalleled Design-Build services that cater specifically to your project’s requirements. If you’re looking to elevate the efficiency and durability of your construction endeavors through custom design and building solutions, we’re eager to assist. Reach out to us now to embark on crafting a bespoke Design-Build strategy tailored just for you. Let’s start your project’s journey to excellence today!

WPAFB Sensors Lab

Wright-Patt Air Force Base sought contractors to renovate and add onto the Sensors Lab. The HVAC portion of the project was over $13 million.

  • MSD served as the Design Assist Contractor in conjunction with Heapy Engineering for this project. In collaborating with General Contractor, Butt Construction, MSD provided Design Assist solutions for the following:
    • A large, anechoic chamber
    • An outdoor range
    • Multiple, Class-100 clean rooms
    • A three-story office building addition with DCID 6-9 requirements on many of the rooms

WPAFB Chilled Water System

The chilled water system at a high-security building on the Air Force Base was undersized and unable to keep up with demand. The facility could not operate without chilled water due to the amount of information servers in the building, and the general nature of the building itself. The entire upgrade project would need to be completed with minimal shut down time at the building. HVAC portion of this project was over $3 million.

  • MSD worked in collaboration with Diaz Construction to complete the system upgrades on time and on budget with minimal shutdowns or disruption to the facility operations.

LJB, Inc.

LJB, Inc. was renovating their Miamisburg, OH office and wanted to incorporate energy-saving upgrades.

  • MSD provided Design Build services in tandem with Greensleeves Energy Solutions, a specialist in geothermal systems.
  • MSD and Greensleeves installed a new geothermal HVAC system with open and closed loops. In addition, MSD design and installed the plumbing portion of the renovation.