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November 2020 – MSD, Inc.
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November 2020

Maintenance Programs

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During these unique economic periods, there is sometimes a trend to pull back on maintenance programs in an effort to reduce expenses. This, quite often, has the opposite effect. Postponing, deferring, or eliminating a comprehensive maintenance program may lead to elevated future costs related to major repairs and equipment failures down the road.
There are many studies that indicate the true price of deferred maintenance could be more than 10 times the maintenance program amount.

We have seen on numerous occasions where the lack of a continuous program contributed to a major component failure, resulting in not only the expensive repair but also the loss of productivity while the mission-critical equipment is down.

MSD recommends to its client during these periods, to review the maintenance programs with their contractor. Consider the true cost and weigh the potential liabilities down the road.
Furthermore, ask your contractor of choice, if they have a platform of verification of work performed. Are they transparent in the activities of all the services being offered? Do they share videos or photos of the maintenance and repair work?

No one is inclined to spend money without receiving something in return, make sure your trusted partner has your best interest at heart.