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May 2020 – MSD, Inc.
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May 2020

Ohio Valley ABC Chapter Awards

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The ABC Awards were held on May 28th, 2020 via Youtube Live Online. Yes, you heard that right, online. Although it was a change of pace for everyone we are in uncertain times. But one thing is certain, MSD brought home some well-appreciated awards. Our team was awarded the Platinum Step Award, Community Involvement of the Year Award, Eagle WPAFB 88th Medical Center Award, Merit Airstream, and Sicsa Award. Thank you to all of those who congratulated us and helped us get to this point. We are already looking forward to what next year will bring. 

We will be posting blog posts about the following projects in the next few weeks to come. Please continue to look out for them and share the stories of these amazing projects. 

The Conner Group

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MSD Inc. entered into agreement with Messer Construction Company to provide Domestic Plumbing and Gas Piping work for The Connor Group Corporate Headquarters. The project is located in Dayton, Ohio. The building contains a total of 39,825 square feet of office space. The contracted value of this project was $466,000. MSD was responsible for the installation of the building’s Plumbing system which consisted of: The Installation of domestic water and sewage system, (44) Plumbing Fixtures, Triplex Potable Water Booster Pumps with VFD Control, Duplex Sewage Injection Pump System, Duplex Water Softening System, Duplex Sump Pump System, Twin 100 Gallon 199 MBH Water Heaters, and the Installation of Gas Piping to all Fuel Fired Appliances, which are only a few of the Plumbing Components installed for this building.

Some of the obstacles that we faced in order to complete this project certainly lied within the irregular shape of this building. Due to that shape we had to adjust and become innovative with our installation and also with some of the equipment and materials that we used. Instead of using standard 90 degree fittings, we had to use swing joint fittings in order to get the correct angles. We also overcame obstacles by having to readjust the pitch on our roof drains after installation. We needed to readjust due to the tension cables holding the glass wall that leaned outwards from the building. After tensioning the cables, the cables pulled down on the roof and we had to alter the pitch to compensate for the tensioning. We also experienced challenges on this project in regards to quality control on our layout of the underground portion of the work. Since this was not your standard shaped building, we had to perfect our layout to make sure our systems were properly installed. As a company we learned from the project and have invested in a Trimble Unit to assist with our layout process moving forward.


You can read more on The Conner Group by clicking here.

Meijer Distribution Center

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This project was unique because the facility could not completely shut down operations while the existing units were removed, and the new units were set in their place. Because of this, it was determined that the units would need to be air lifted and set on top of the building using a helicopter. The helicopter was necessary to ensure that the change out of the units was completed in a 4-hour time frame so as not disrupt operations for an extended period of time. To accomplish this, we needed to have a large crew, (16) of our skilled field personnel who worked diligently to complete the change out of (6) RTUs in a matter of 3 hours while continuing to maintain a safe working environment.

Understandably, a manufacturing facility will have a constant flow of traffic from the employees and the 18-wheelers that come in to get loaded for distribution to the Meijer facilities. Because of this it was important that we were able to find a location for the equipment central to the two buildings we would be working on but still keeping them out of the way of traffic. The helicopter planning required a little more than determining the landing location. It was imperative that we notify and coordinate with Care Flight as well as Dayton International Airport to be sure that the helicopter would not interfere with the flight path of either operation. In addition to this, we notified the local Police Department and Fire Station of the helicopter lift in case of an emergency. In the end, the removal of old and installation of new went off without a hitch. It was an exciting experience to witness the execution of all the careful planning that took place to make this project a success.

This project was both challenging and exciting because it required the use of the Sikorsky S61N Helicopter is setting the (6) rooftop units.

You can read more on Meijer Distribution Center by clicking here.

It’s Great In Dayton

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Hello! Welcome back to MSD’s Blog Page. We are working hard to provide you with lots of new articles and information.

Recently Logos at Work sent us a link to purchase shirts to help support local restaurants. We want to help them out by sharing their email & the link to their store.

“Support your favorite local restaurant through our new store; It’s Great In Dayton. For every shirt purchased, $10 is donated to a restaurant of your choosing. We are proud to have donated over a $1,000 so far to Dayton restaurants. Together we can keep Dayton cooking! Ultimately, we intend to use the site to support local, non-profit organizations. However, when our community began to face the Covid-19 pandemic, we shifted gears and decided to support our local restaurants that have been severely impacted.” – Logos at Work


What a great way to reach out to the community in a time of crisis. Click the Link & Start Shopping! It’s Great In Dayton

#DaytonStrong #Covid19 #GreaterDayton

Meet Conner

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What’s your name? Conner Trace
Are you married? If so, how long, do you have kids? Neither
What city/town do you live in? Fairborn
How long have you worked at MSD? Six Months
What is your current position here? Fab shop laborer
What do you like most about your career? Being able to learn everyday
How long have you worked in this field? Ever since I got hired here
What are some of your hobbies & interests? Golfing, hiking, watching NFL, hanging out with friends/family
Do you have pets? 2 cats named Pigeon and Peanut and a dog names Daisy
What is your favorite place to have ever traveled too? Washington State
What is your favorite color? Red
Do you have a favorite Disney Movie? Hercules
What time do you usually fall asleep? 10:30ish
How do you relieve stress? Watching a movie/going outside