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12 Days of Safety – MSD, Inc.

12 Days of Safety

By December 7, 2021blog
12 Days of Safety
1. Never leave burning candles unattended. Try using battery-operated candles instead.

2. Do not overload electrical outlets or extension cords, and inspect cords for frays, nicks, and burns.

3. Use safe ladder practices when hanging decorations and lights.

4. If using a natural tree—water it daily.

5. Keep poisonous plants out of reach of children and pets.

6. Don’t drink and drive. Pick a designated driver.

7. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms—change batteries when needed.

8. Keep natural trees away from heat sources, such as candles, fireplaces, and space heaters.

9. Never leave cooking or baking unattended.

10. Avoid food poisoning—keep hot foods hot & cold foods cold.

11. Turn off all tree lights and decorations when unattended.

12. Use indoor/outdoor lights as indicated.


Phil Smith & Vicki Dix